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Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been forged to give you the answers you need about common printer errors! including difficulties with the ink cartridges. We hope these answers will help but if they do not, why not give us a quick visit instore with your unanswered queiries. Happy printing!


Why does my printer say my cartridge is empty?

The printer will say that the ink cartridge is empty or low on ink. This is normal and happens because the original cartridge has been reused. The cartridge will still work and last as long as the original (or even longer!) it might just require a box to be checked, a button to be pressed and ingnore the ink low ink warning.


Will a remanufactured ink cartridge void my printer warranty by the manufacturer?

No, It's illegal for any printer manufacturer to require you to use or purchase a particular brand of supply, An OEM cannot void your warranty unless they can prove that other brands of supplies have damaged your machine.


The cartridge won't fit. What should I do?

Check that you have the correct ink cartridge for your printer by consulting your printer manual or the manufacturer's website. If there was a transportation clip attached to the cartridge when sold, it will need to be removed.


How will I know when the cartridge is truly low on ink?

When the print quality begins to change (this could include light coloured ink, streaks of colour or even half printed jobs) or any other physical indication that it is time to change or refill the ink cartridge.


Iv'e heard bad things about remanufactured ink cartridges. What should I look for in a remanufactured cartridge?

Each remanufactured cartridge should be tested for any problems. The ink should be removed from the cartridge while refilling, and the inks used must be the specially formulated ink for that type of cartridge. The cartridge should always be print-tested after refilling to ensure that the colours match and that there are no smearing or streaking.


What is the difference between a compatible and a remanufactured ink cartridge?

A remanufactured cartridge is one that has been refilled using the OEM (originals) empty cartridge, meaning we are recycling used cartridges! while a compatible cartridge is made up of brand new  components from the factory. compatible cartridges may look different to the remanufactured cartridges.


I see ink in my printer.  Is this a problem?

All inkjet printers have a spittoon (sometimes called a reservoir) that collects the ink removed from the ink cartridge when the printer is primed. This spittoon is either a plastic tray or a piece of foam that will absorb the excess ink.

Some of the ink can dry up stopping it from being absorbed, it will sit on the bottom of the printer. This is how ALL inkjet printers work, which is why it is never a good idea to move an inkjet printer, as there will be more ink on the bottom of that inkjet (especially the older printers or printers that are used a lot). Too much dry ink will cause any printer to stop working. We can try to fix this problem in store, if you give us a visit.

This is not a common problem but may happen eventually, it is only the printer's fault from performing its job.


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